Handcrafted Ancient Mythology Collection By InfiniDice

Hand Polished Premium Zinc Alloy Ingots Casting Designer Dice Sets In Ancient Mythical Narratives For All RPG Tabletop Games Players. D4-20, 7 Pieces Set.

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Hands-On God’s Power, Be The Master Of TRPG’s Fates

InfiniDice’s designer 7 pieces dice set are made for all tabletop role-playing games, 

yielding the power of ancient mythical gods to help you become the master of your games.

6 Unlockables Narratives & 19 Power Dice Sets

The Dark Fortress - InfiniDice Tower

The transparent Dark Fortress is designed with a unique spiral stair to lengthen the dice twirling time. The Player's fate is rolling and spinning from the mystery medieval castle.

The rampart of the dark fortress continued the mystery medieval castle style with a detachable design for easy storage and organizing.

There Is No Dice Like The InfiniDice 


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About InfiniDice

When I was young, I was immersed in Greek myths, bringing myself into it and eagering to control my destiny. The RPG game gives such an opportunity. Our imagination can shape another world there, but still get fettered by rolling dice. 

With this love, we created this mythical series - InfiniDice. Heavy metal brings you an unprecedented hand feeling. Intricate carving is our ultimate pursuit of balance. Brilliant colors give you vivid game experience. Join us and let the story happen with greater imagination.

Are Review Dice Sets Available For Press?

If you are a reporter, please reach out to hello@infinidice.com for review device inquiries.